World’s Most Precious Christmas Pudding


World’s Most Precious Christmas Pudding

World’s Most Precious Christmas PuddingWorld’s Most Precious Christmas PuddingWorld’s Most Precious Christmas PuddingWorld’s Most Precious Christmas Pudding
World’s Most Precious Christmas Pudding

VeryFirstTo presents the world’s most precious Christmas pudding. Created by famed pastry chef Martin Chiffers, the real precious factor comes from two particularly rare pieces of history: a bottle of Duret 1810 Cognac* and a highly collectible gold Henry VI Salut d’Or coin which depicts the Virgin Mary. In addition, the pudding is created with the finest organic ingredients including Agawa dates and rare Mamra almonds from Iran as well as the finest alcohols including the limited Last Consignment Black Tot Rum, Perez Barquero Solear 1905 Sherry and 1834 Whitaker Marsala.

Martin Chiffers is an Executive Pastry Chef Consultant, Patissier, Chocolatier and owner of “Chiffers” Shop at Mitsokoshi Ginza Tokyo. He was previously Executive Pastry Chef of the newly opened The Savoy Hotel London after its £400 million refurbishment. Martin is also the President of the UK Pastry Team for the World Pastry Cup and was the coach for Ruth Hinks for the World Chocolate Masters.

The coveted coin from Baldwin’s one of the largest Numismatic dealers in the world is worth £7,500 ($12,200) and shows the Angel Gabriel facing the Virgin Mary and the Latin cross on the reverse.

The other star of this luxurious pudding is, of course, the over 200 year old cognac, which costs £10,890 ($17,717). This Duret 1810, originates from the firm of James Duret and is an outstanding example of cognac made in the Prephylloxera era. Cognacs from this time exhibit different qualities from those made more recently.  During 1872-4, all the cognac vines were destroyed by the dreaded Phylloxera Vastatrix louse, a tiny yellow mite, which feasts off the roots of vines. 

In addition to the ‘Most Precious Christmas Pudding’, VeryFirstTo is also offering 10 rare silver threepences. The rare coins cost £70 ($114) and are George III 1762 bringing both luxury and tradition to your Christmas pudding - placing a threepence in a Christmas pudding is an age-old custom to bring wealth for the upcoming year.

A donation of £250 will be made to The Prince’s Trust should the Most Precious Christmas Pudding be purchased.


The pudding has yet to be made, as it will be tailored to the purchaser's specification, taking into account dietary requirements ie nut allergies, vegetarian etc.

Pudding serves a minimum of 12 people

*Purchaser will also be given all the remaining alcohols and presentation boxes.

Price includes delivery to mainland UK. Delivery elsewhere will carry additional costs.

Final order day Saturday 21st December


The King of France and England, gold Salut D’Or, Saint Quentin Mint, shows the Angel Gabriel behind quartered Arms of France and England, facing the Virgin Mary with nimbus behind the Arms of France, AVE on scroll reads upwards between them, all within beaded inner circle, initial mark spur rowel, legend reads hEHRICVS, saltire stops, rev central long cross, fleur de lis to left, lion to right, below, all within tressure of ten arcs, fleur de lis on cusps , all within beaded inner circle, rosette stops in legend, 3.44g (cf.Elias 272 RR; Schneider 129.)


George III (1760-1820), silver Threepence, 1762. Young laureate and draped bust right, reverse: crowned 3.


Martin Chiffers is an Executive Pastry Chef Consultant, Patissier, Chocolatier and owner of “Chiffers” Shop at Mitsokoshi Ginza Tokyo.

He was appointed Chef Decor of Harrods where he was responsible for the design, creation and development of artistic chocolate, sugar display pieces and confectionary for Harrods - overseeing the 19 restaurants as well as the vast food halls.

With his forte in the culinary art of cooked and pulled sugar and chocolate, he has earned numerous gold medals at several prestigious international culinary competitions in The UK, France, The United States, Singapore, Dubai and the Culinary Olympics - Luxembourg. Awarded Winner of The Caterer Awards Middle East Pastry Chef of the Year 2010 and President of the UK Pastry Team Coupe du Monde, Winners at the European Pastry Cup Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie 2012 in Paris with best sugar and chocolate piece. Martin has gained a reputation for leading his teams to achieve the most victorious results and numerous accolades in the pastry culinary field.


Baldwin's is one of the largest and longest established Numismatic dealers and auction houses in the world The dedicated team of specialists have over 300 years combined experience covering all areas of numismatics including English, Ancient and Foreign coins, military and commemorative medals, tokens, books, banknotes, stamps and autographs.

Baldwin's boasts the most comprehensive stock of coins and medals in the UK and attend auctions and numismatic fairs all over the world to source the rarest and best quality material available.

In more recent times (2013), Baldwin’s has become a part of the Stanley Gibbons Group PLC and is now a larger London Stock Exchange listed collectables retailer and ‘top 5’ UK auctioneer.


Brandyclassics is one of the leading authorities on cognacs and other brandies, especially pre-phylloxera cognacs and supplies the world’s leading hotels and restaurants. Its policy is to provide only naturally aged, single estate cognacs, mainly from the top cru and does not endorse the use of additives.  The selection of brandies are the very best available, from the finest cellars in France, and are the products of generations of family traditions and skills.  All these qualities are exemplified in their own range, Hermitage Cognacs, which contains carefully selected, specific ages and vintages through the last century.